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Details Fully-Homomorphic-Encryption-without-bootstrapping-Fully-homomorphic-encyption-with-multivariate-polynomials-on-octonion-ring

Fully homomorphic encryption(FHE) is the cryptosystem which supports both addition and multiplication. The existence of the cryptosystems which have efficiency and fully homomorphism would bring great practical implications in the outsourcing of ...

18,99 EUR*
Details Loaded-Fully-Loaded-Edition

VELVET UNDERGROUND Loaded (1997 US Fully Loaded Edition 33-track 2-CD album comprising the Original 10-track album plus a Bonus CD containing alternate mixes & demos of Loadeds 10 tracks including the Sweet Jane [Early Version] and Rock & Roll [Demo] ...

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Details Meliconi-Fully-8-Universal-Fernbedienung-fr-TV

Meliconi ferns. 8 voll rc 8in1 vorprogrammiert