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Details Architekturführer Hannover: An Architectural Guide. Dt. /Engl. (Architectural Guides (Reimer))

Architectural Guide. Zweisprachige Ausgabe. Deutsch / Englisch. Mit 350 Objekten. Architekten-, Baugattungs-, Straßen- und hist. Register. Mit allen Expo-Bauten und ÖPNV-PlanBroschiertes BuchDer Architekturführer Hannover stellt in Wort und Bild 361 ...

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Details Pevsner's Architectural Glossary: Second Edition (Pevsner Architectural Guides: Introductions)

With even more entries and more vocabulary words, this second edition of Pevsner's Architectural Glossary covers the complete range of technical terms used in the storied guides. Pevsner's famous designations E. E. and Perp. are among the terms ...

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Details The Arthur Erickson Architectural Drawings: An Inventory of the Collection at the Canadian Architectural Archives at the University of Calgary

This book is the first of a series that lists and makes accessible the architectural drawing collections at the Canadian Architectural Archives, the University of Calgary. Arthur Erickson is one of the small number of Canadian architects to achieve an ...

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Details Algorithmic and Architectural Gaming Design: Implementation and Development

Algorithmic and Architectural Gaming Design Algorithmic and Architectural Gaming Design: Implementation and Development discusses the most recent advances in the field of video game design, with particular emphasis on practical examples of gaming ...

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Details Architectural Issues of Web-Enabled Electronic Business

Architectural Issues of Web-Enabled Electronic Business Web technologies play a critical role in today's web-enabled e-Business. A key to success in applying the web-based technologies to the real world problems lies in understanding the architectural ...

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Details Cinemetrics: Architectural Drawing Today

Cinemetrics This is the first textbook for architectural drawing with the computer that is based on understanding how digital drawing fundamentally differs from drawing with lead pencils on drafting boards. Full description

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Details Architectural Design of Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Techniques (Premier Reference Series)

Architectural Design of Multi-agent Systems Agent-oriented design has become on of the most active areas in the field of software engineering. Although great advances have been made in the study of the architectural design of agent systems, the ...

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Details Architectural Conservation: Principles and Practice

This book provides an introductory text for students in built environment disciplines, as well as those who manage or own historic properties, and those embarking upon architectural conservation professionally. It is designed to give an understanding ...